Frame alignment checking and straightening to almost all motorcycles from classic to modern machines, rigid to swing arm models.

All work is completed in house using our frame alignment jig and other specialist tools. We are able to reach a very high degree of accuracy when checking and straightening frames.

If your motorcycle has been in involved in a heavy accident there are often noticeable signs that the frame has suffered damage (depending on the model) it would be common to see bent frame tubes, a twisted headstock and paint flaking off the frame where it has been stressed on classic machines. As for modern aluminium frames any signs of damage are much harder to spot. If you cannot see any of these aspects DO NOT assume that your frame is OK. Even with our vast experience in this field, it is not always possible to tell if the frame is out of alignment just by looking at it.

For example the headstock of your frame could be only a few degrees out of alignment which would never be possible to see by the human eye. Being only a few degrees out of alignment can have a dramatic effect on the handling, tyre wear, and above all else rider safety.

Prices start at £65 + vat to check a bare frame. with any work being charged at our normal work shop rate. We will always quote for any work needed before going ahead and you are welcome to come and see you frame whilst in our jig.

Feel free to give us call.

For us to check or straighten your frame in the jig the bike will have to be stripped down either by us or yourself this saves us time and you money!! All we will need in most cases is the main frame with the swing arm and rear wheel fitted. It is also useful to have the engine (or crankcases) mounted in the frame if possible as on many bikes the engine forms part of the frame. We do not need the forks or yokes to straighten a frame but would sugest leaving them in place loosley with clocks etc. removed, It would be prudent to have these checked at the same time.